NuoData | Data Management

Deliver Impact Faster

Unified Data Management platform for all data engineering, analytics & operations needs.

Data Catalog

Metadata Management

Understand your metadata landscape in the best possible way with our Governance module.

Data Discovery

Unlock the potential of your data by effortlessly locating and understanding relevant information with our intuitive data discovery tools.

Data Lineage

Trace the origins and transformations of your data with precision, ensuring transparency, compliance, and trustworthiness throughout its lifecycle, from source to destination.

Data Security

Role Based Access

Safeguard your data integrity and confidentiality by implementing role-based access controls, granting appropriate permissions to users based on their roles and responsibilities

Compliance & PII

Ensure adherence to regulatory standards with NuoData’s intelligent feature that automatically detects Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Policy Admin

Streamline administrative tasks by implementing efficient policies that govern data management processes.

Data Governance

Data Stewardship

Uphold the integrity and security of data assets throughout their lifecycle, assigning responsible stewards to oversee their usage, maintenance, and compliance.

Data Policy

Establish comprehensive guidelines and protocols dictating the handling, storage, and utilization of data assets within your organization to ensure consistency and compliance.


Optimize data workflows and automate its scheduling for smooth execution and transition between tasks.

Data Lineage

Graph Lineage

Visualize the lineage of data elements through graphical representations, facilitating transparency and understanding of data origins and transformations.

Code Lineage

Track the lineage of code changes and implementations, ensuring accountability and facilitating the understanding of code evolution and dependencies.

Impact Analysis

Assess the potential repercussions of data and system changes, enabling informed decision-making and risk mitigation strategies.

Data Quality

Data Profiling

Gain insights into the characteristics and quality of data through our systematic examination, enabling better understanding and utilization of data assets.

Data Analysis

Uncover valuable insights and trends within datasets through advanced analytics techniques, empowering data-driven decision-making and strategy formulation.

Data Validation

Ensure data integrity and reliability through systematic validation processes, minimizing errors to help you make decisions confidently.


Batch Ingestion

Efficiently process large volumes of data at desired scheduled intervals, enabling systematic data collection and analysis.

Real-time ingestion

Capture and process data in near real-time, allowing organizations to react promptly to events and trends as they occur, enhancing agility and responsiveness.


Data transcends physical boundaries! Harness the power of connected devices to gather valuable data from the physical world, enabling insights and innovations across industries and applications.


No-Code Pipelines

 NuoData is a low code no code platform! Users can design and deploy data pipelines without extensive coding knowledge, accelerating time-to-insight and democratizing data access.


 Transform that raw, messy data into structured formats suitable for analysis, simplifying the data preparation process.


Fine grain amelioration of the data quality and usability through iterative processes of cleaning, enriching, and organizing data, ensuring its suitability for analysis and decision-making.



Gain a bird's eye view insights into the performance and health of systems and processes, facilitating proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization efforts.

DevOps / CICD

Rapidly integrate development, operations, and continuous integration/continuous deployment practices to streamline software delivery pipelines and ensure reliable releases.

AI / ML Ops

Manage and operationalize machine learning models and pipelines at scale, facilitating their deployment, monitoring, and maintenance in production environments.


APIs Dockers / EKS

Utilize containerization and orchestration technologies like Docker and Amazon EKS to deploy and manage scalable, portable applications and services.

BI / Reporting

Our AI/ML studio culminates into business intelligence! Generate actionable insights and visualizations from data to support decision-making processes, enabling stakeholders to extract value and drive business outcomes.

Self Service

Fostering a culture of self service and no external interference in your data-driven decision-making. The portal is self service, self sufficient and intuitive for users of all technical skills across your organization.